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Development is the constant changes that an individual faces from birth to the end of life. Just like society is dynamic so are the changes we face in life. We move from one stage to the other gaining knowledge and a better understanding of our different gender roles.
Although it is a normal life process it is associated with fallacies and mid communications. Growing up one of the biggest challenges that children face was puberty. As they get to this stage they face body changes and gain emotional challenges. Very often these changes are communicated as normal changes and assumed that all children understand. But unfortunately, not all children gain information from home. Very often the information is developed by peers. Many times the information is rigged with lies and half-truths. Statements such as a girl should no go to the beach if she has a period because the sharks will smell her are certainly not half-truths but extreme lies. It was also believed that if you greet a boy you would get pregnant. These beliefs often caused more fears and emotional distress than they were meant to.
It is therefore a great thing that schools take the initiative to talk to learners about development. But remember, not all children are lucky enough to have these talks. And not only girls struggle with development issues. As an uncle, an aunt, a family friend take time and support the young by filling the knowledge gap. As a society, we all must ensure that children gain adequate and accurate information.
Be a big brother or sister today and eradicate the misinformation.
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