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Dating During Social Distancing Times
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Dating During Social Distancing Times
As the government continues to recommend social distancing in order to slow down the spread of COVID-19, your love life does not have to suffer or be affected, all you need is a slight change on how to handle one another and keep your relationship moving.
During this pandemic, those who are together may have an added advantage because they are spending much of their time together. Not to worry though, if your partner is far away, online apps such as Whats app, Facebook, Skype and zoom can act as a substitute for normal/physical meeting. Love should thrive in spite of the lock down.
This is the right time you get to know each other more, time to correct whatever you ever felt was not working for both of you. Sit back and ask yourself some important questions; whether you are in the best version of a relationship, are you dating the right person, are you really happy with whatever you have and what can you do to better your relationship. With that you will be on a safer side even if physical relationship is limited.
Misunderstanding; this is one of the biggest challenge a lot of relationships experience which mostly brings about break up. Downplaying the importance of understanding each other is usually the culprit. With so many chatting tools available and for free, one should be careful when expressing emotions and feelings in order to prevent misunderstanding. Take your time time to understand one another when making decisions. Remember slow dating may improve your chances of finding a genuine connection.
Generosity; Be more generous to your significant other, send them flowers, their favorite snack, ice cream and encouraging words. One may be feeling low about certain news but after receiving such warm gifts, it may change their feelings and cheer them up. Take your video chats to the next level, make snacks and watch a movie together, lough and discuss about the movie after watching. With that, social distancing will not make any big difference from your normal love life.
Now that physical intimacy is out of the table for a while, this might eliminate relationship problems that are brought about by physical judgement, this will help you differentiate between lust and true feeling of love. You will be able to eliminate scammer out of your life. Furthermore, waiting for the right person is classic.
Humans have a need to feel connected, crave for intimacy and love. Right now though, we have to keep apart in order to overcome the pandemic. The path to romance might have changed but a focused heart will find and grow in love.
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