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Could We Be Sleep Walking Into Our Graves
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Could We Be Sleep Walking Into Our Graves
Did you know 9 out of ten people you meet are going through a depression, and the remaining one is faking to be ok.? Now you know.

This is according to research done by yours truly.

Ooh, yes, We are all engaged in some fictitious ghost battle, be it deadlines, financial dilemma, illness, love tango, or a jobless spell. The list is endless and given a chance, we will all confess to that.

Guess what! am the 1 out of ten.

If am to be honest, 2022 has been that year I would rather die than relieve it. It's a year I've lived my fear and caught up a million times in moments I've been dreading all my life.

In fact, If I had the ability, I would either time travel and forget about this year or obliterate it off the face of the earth.

How I wish we were already in Dec because Maybe 2023 has beautiful gifts for me. I don’t want to call them surprises Coz I’m not too fond of surprises, and I don’t want any , so If you have one for me, kindly keep it to yourself.

Lessons I’ve learned.

a. Change is inevitable.

b. Always ensure you create good memories with the people you love.

c. Learn to forgive one another

d. Learn to uplift each other

e. Family is our only savior. Love them with everything you have.

f. As days go by, we age, and so are our parents.

g. Just because you are a good person, don’t think you can never be tested

h. Sickness is a constant reminder that someday we will bow down, so prepare for your afterlife.

i. Money is nothing but papers when giving to a loved one, but it’s everything when you have to buy meds, pay hospital bills, or even buy food and fruits.

j. Your kids and biological siblings are your only relatives. The rest are just spectators.

k. Just bcoz you are sick, the world won’t stop revolving.

l. Not everyone will treat you better because you are a good person.

m. Age and maturity are two different things.

n. Some friends are more family than some familymembers.

o. Help may seem impossible but at times all you need is ask.
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