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Recently I watched a video of a little girl choosing not to go back to school. In her opinion, she would not go back to school until her teacher became sure about a mathematical equation. The child explained that the teacher had taught for three consecutive days the addition of 8 but never the same number. On a Monday the teacher taught 4+4=8, on Tuesday 5+3=8, on Wednesday 6+2=8. This child believes that the teacher was indecisive. She felt that there is a specific solution to the sum not several.
This belief has been a way of thinking that is part of our history. The generation today has found it easy to accept that one answer may fit all. Although change is dynamic one major thing that has changed in recent days is the ability for individuals to trust their decision.
The ability to be certain about things is not always easy but as this child points out that we all want an answer that fits well not several answers. Life is made of different experiences and the ability to create new experiences can only be based on our ability to make decisions. If we choose to escape from one experience by changing route we take longer to get we're we need to be. The path may be paved by thorns but is still a path.
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