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Books That Will Sharpen Your Perspective On Change
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Books That Will Sharpen Your Perspective On Change
If you have been reading long enough, then you know books have some power to widen your consciousness. Here are three books I found quite insightful on change.

#1 To kill a mockingbird by Harper Lee

"A lawyer defends a black man who is falsely charged with rape of a white girl but violence and hypocrisy stands in his way."

Change will not just happen. For it to, we are either the ones to facilitate it or the ones to be made to adjust to it.

#2 Exiles return by Raymond E Feist

"Abandoned in the wilds of a nation on the other side of the the world and left with nothing, Kasper must find a way to thrive."

Throughout this book, it is clear one must change from the inside to recognize the tools the change has brought to them.

#3 Manuscript found in Accra by Paulo Coelho

"A city is faced with an impending invasion and everyone in it must prepare for it."

In the face of change, some difficulties will pop up but it is those difficulties that help us define who we are. We therefore, must face them in order for us to become.
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