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Blended family
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Blended family
Blended families are families made up of two sets of parents. This often results from parents separating and remarrying. The society of today has a large number of blended families that often result from co-parenting both parents creating a system in which the children associate with each within the confines of their separate households.
Although the values of a blended family are often appreciated a majority of this arrangement leads to emotional distress in the children. Nuclear family sets have changed from the old mother father and children to accommodate new additions. Often you may find the set of parents having distinction relationships that boil down to the children, causing unhealthy associations.
So the question that arises is how do we effectively blend a family. Two major components need to be established before associating children with the blended family system.
Firstly the parent who is the biological mother and father need to be able to associate without trying to harm each other. They as adults must find a way to coexist and treat each other with respect and realize that the relationship they once had was impaired but should not impact their association with their children. With this done it will be easier for each pair of parents to forgive their history placing the needs of their children first.
The second factor is establishing a respectful relationship between the spouses. Although possible it may not be easy to create a relationship between the previous relationship and the new significant other. but each parent will have to create a conducive relationship based on respect and mutual goals. The main goal of co-parenting is to be able to bring up the children within an environment that which both parents can be present. Therefore without cooperation between either houses, the impact of co-parenting is often negative.
It is therefore important for each adult to appreciate that a child can never fully escape the presents of a blended family but grow up feeling appreciated or mistreated.
Remember this child will become an adult and what you show them as parents, maybe what he or she thinks is parenting. Protect your child's emotional health by ensuring every moment you associate with the other half, respect is valued.
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