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Art of Giving Effective Feedback
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Art of Giving Effective Feedback
In everything that happens, there seems to be an order of events within which all goes well and without which things go haywire. Is there an art around giving feedback?

Yes there is, it goes by the framework SBI which stands for situation, behavior and impact. Here is what these words mean when giving feedback;

# Situation
When and how what you are talking about done or said, provide the facts and be specific on the details.

# Behavior
What is it the person did or said that you think needs a discussion.

# Impact
What was the impact on you, the team and or the project you are working on. Get to find out the intention and the expected outcome from the other person.

Note: This feedback session should be preceded by a meeting scheduling and followed by a way forward or kudos if a positive feedback.

For more info on this art, read more at https://medium.com/pm101/the-situation-behavior-impact-feedback-framework-e20ce52c9357
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