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Adventure of time
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Adventure of time
Growing up was an adventure especially for a 90 kid we spent majority of our times outdoors with grown up prefects checking I every move. Proudly though we were always checked and corrected by our society. I remember that no deed went unpunished. On the other side we were a handful. No our kids are totally nothing like us. We professional mad sliders, tractor climbers, dog trainers, hunters but most of football players.
I consider one major challenge from my mother to be the ability to multitask. My mother was at work all day but she could see through the distance to know that no child had just changed from maddy clothes to cleaned legs. She would always figure out what the hell we were up to by just sniffing as out.
One particular event makes jumps out in all my experiences. I was 13 years old at a holiday away from home. My aunt's house was our home away from home but mostly the centre of all shinanigans. This particular holiday my brothers were especially experimental. They had planned to hunt an animal. Little did we know most of their plan was finalized. We found different traps set up and wondered how and what they intended to hunt. As the day went by we finally heard a commotion. They had caught their prey. Excitment was all we could feel. But the young men were especially unwilling to share their catch. As time went by we all salivated to eat anticipating a licious meal. Nyaaam
Shock on us to find that their hunt was more vulnerable than the hunters. But the most disturbing is mother knew all. Yes my mother had an idea of the many adventures we could get into but for this one she felt that we had outdone ourselves.
I know your especially curious what the hunt was but no matter what the value of this lessons was based on the idea that no matter how tough things were, they made things work. We have duties and busy schedule but no matter what we all have a role to play in allowing adventurous children to get out of their shells. Take a minute and consider how many adventures you participated in.
I know your all asking what animal was roasted. My brothers roasted a little buddy bird. Yes this birds we see fly all over the the kplc power lines.
Remember we are all busy but never too busy to be alive. Take your time and identify your responsibility toward your child's adventure. Not only can we raise them raise their ability to imagine and experience their unlimited adventure.
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