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Achievable goals
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Achievable goals
It's finally that time of the year when we take stock of our time. What have I achieved for 2022? Have you failed in 2022? The year 2022 was a resolution on it's own. Our main goal for 2022 was to make it through the tunnel. So many things seem to work against progress and positivity but mainly it was a year of thanksgiving and restriction. So how well can we gauge 2022? It was the year of 4 terms, election, drought, and COVID recovery year. Just making it through is a resolution on it's own.
Although it seems like a minor achievement 2022, was a year that challenged our faith in God and man. We can only be grateful to see 2023.
So what are achievable goals? These are goals that associate with reality and self-ability. I will explain achievable goals using a story. A few years ago a young man fell in love and wanted to marry a girl. As a devout church member, his church leaders insisted on a church wedding and outlined the type of wedding ceremony the bride deserved. Unfortunately, what was expected and the implementation reality were two different stories. As the wedding day got closer the young man had achieved nothing towards the wedding ceremony. Four days before the wedding his family received a perplexing call. This call led to the need for police involvement and sax break up of the beautiful couple and a prison sentence. The groom chose to kidnap himself to earn a ransom which he could turn into wedding funds.
His intention was noble but his manner was wrong. Although he has a goal he was unwilling to accept that it was beyond his means.

Remember every plan can fall back, all you need is an awareness that it's not a death sentence.
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