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A time to Harvest
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A time to Harvest
March 2021 is a new month to test the waters. At this point, the country is looking at the long-awaited examination period. The covid pandemic changed our calendar of events brings the examination often carried out in December we're forcefully moved to march. The change in the academic year comes with anxiety and sadness. 2020 long holiday season lead to students missing an extensive amount of learning. This leads to loss of learning time causing unrest to both students and parents. The inability to continue with constant learning has made a majority of learners anxious. As time goes by most learners felt shortchanged.
As time goes by we are all aware that the upcoming exams are a reflection of our anxiety and challenges. Therefore what else can we expect than total support to the candidates? We can wish them the best and support their endeavors by ensuring no pressure is mounted. As we face this right of passage remember the season never changes only circumstances do.
No matter how different the season is exams are an assessment of what we have learned over the years. Let the learners know we are behind 100%. Parent remember you ripe what you sow. Let us work towards supporting the children so they may be able to fly through the exam season.
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