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A conspiracy theory
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A conspiracy theory
Their moments we wake up and the day seems to be working against you. Yes, remember the days we described our days as bad footed. We would wake up in the morning and fall as we walk out of bed followed by breaking a mug, then get late to school or work. Our connection to each activity always seemed doomed. There was the sense that someone bewitched me. Our major conspiracy theory was based on how unfair everything is. It was blamed on the black eye.
Very often many went back to bed to ensure they woke up on the right foot. Rather than face the fact that these things were just coincidental. This day was spent blaming others for the negativity. Life is a pattern of events. Although a majority of times things seem to be more against us than others, it's never a planned destiny that all will go wrong.
Our experiences and challenges are not played out by an evil being but are mainly an outcome of our activities. Remember if you choose to blame a black eye for the alarm clock not ringing it might be overboard, witchcraft cannot affect a digital clock. Take one day at a time and accept the negative as just events. Carry the positive and highlight them and the day becomes awesome.
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