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Town: Nairobi
Email: admin@feiraville.com
Location: Nairobi, Kenya
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Womens Dresses | In Stock: 50
Image We sell fashionable and trendy dresses for women of all shapes and sizes at affordable prices.You do not have to break the bank to look good.Contact us at 0718390793
KSHs: 2,000.00
Data Entry | In Stock:
Image Data Entry;
1. Services update.
2. Products update.
3. Stories update.
KSHs: 5,000.00
Business online Hosting | In Stock: 100000
Image Business data Hosting - Placing Your Products, Services and Contact Details In The Right Place.
KSHs: 6,000.00
Account Management | In Stock:
Image Business account management services;
1. Responding to clients queries on the website.
2. Updating business content.
KSHs: 5,000.00
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